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Carol Brouillet


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Here's a two part video interview with one of the world's most intriguing political activists. Married, with three children, Carol has been called America's 'poster girl for reasonable dissent.'
The discussion includes: (running time 60 minutes)
How Bush (like Hitler and his Reichstag Fire in 1933) has seized upon the 9/11 attacks to go to war on Afghanistan and Iraq to secure the future oil supply of the US.
How 9/11 was most likely a special covert action by the US government to further the goals of corporate globalization.
What's keeping the pro-war agenda going is 'THE BIG LIE' and the mass media's acceptance of it.
How the Patriot Act redefines 'terrorists' to include anti-globalization activists and anti-war protesters.
"The biggest threat to the global elites that are running this game is an informed public."