SF911Truth Art Contest Winners

Grand Prize:
(The Great Deception)

First Prize:
Chuck Bowden
Titled- Sheeple Love Sadists (And Vice Versa)

2nd Place:

Janice Niblack
(9-11 Truth Now with plane crashing and ruins)

Youth Winners
1st Place:
Frances Yun, age 17

2nd Place:

Hannah Stutz, age 10


1aFrancisYun.jpg (110kb)
First Place Youth
1ChuckBowden.jpg (142kb)
First Place
2BettsGunslinger.jpg (112kb) 3Camille.jpg (107kb)
Grand Prize
HannahQuestion.jpg (105kb)
2nd Place Youth
Heroes.jpg (52kb) JamesSynder1.jpg (206kb) MaggieCarterSign.jpg (86kb)
questionMark.jpg (94kb) TruthNow.jpg (28kb)
Second Place
TwoMothers.jpg (114kb) WeTheSheepHenry.jpg (60kb)
womanMonks.jpg (264kb) wwdebraHubert.jpg (148kb) zBrownPoster.jpg (52kb) zIgnoreHistory.jpg (94kb)
ZStarWarsB.jpg (205kb) zzBlank1.jpg (6kb)
(informational movie)
zzBlank4.jpg (6kb) zzBlank5.jpg (6kb)

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